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Address: 13 Dodwell Street,

                 Holland Park West, 4121

BSA Lic. No. 62269

Drawings include:

Site Plan - including contours

Floor Plans - Ground, First or Second Floors

Existing Plans - Plans of Building as Existing

Foundattion, Basement or Sub Floor Plans

Elevations - 4 Views

Cross Section

Bracing Plans

Framing & Tie Down Schedule

On our Plans as much of the structural aspects such as the framing and tie down requirements are specified by us and the services of a consulting Structural  Engineer is used for foundation design, steel frame design, or designs work that is outside the scope of the Residential timber framing code and timber product manufacturer’s design information.

3D Images

The software being used builds a model of the home design project as it is being drawn.  The model of the home can be viewed from any position. Fairly realistic 3D images can be produced from the desired viewed positions by adding material, textures and Colours.




Drawing Examples



  3D Image Examples 


Visualize your home in 3D, during the design process

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