Contact info

Phone: 07 3343 9486


Address: 13 Dodwell Street,

                 Holland Park West, 4121

BSA Lic. No. 62269



  • New Homes
  • Extensions &   Renovations
  • Multi Residential
  • Small Lot Housing

We provide personalized professional 
services for all building types!

Everyone has different needs and requirements that they desire for their home.

We respect your needs and will come up with solutions that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

       Levels of Service

  1. Plans only - drafting only
  2. Drafting with Design input.
  3. Drafting and Design with Consultant co-ordination
  4. Submit Plans for Building Approval


  1. Initial Consultation - Free Consultation
  2. Client Briefing - discuss requirements
  3. Concept Design - preliminary drawings
  4. Planning Approval - if required
  5. Contract Documentation - Drafting of Proposed Building for Building Approval by Certifier

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